Duanecia at Cavalier

My name is Duanecia

but you can call me dae

I’m a Black woman, above all.

I'm a creative strategist and diversity practitioner, too.

Compartmentalizing all of my many ways of thinking and being was becoming exhausting. Michell took me by the hand (some days this was more difficult than others, bless his heart) and, had me think through the kind of impact I wanted to have. 

Our collective genius helped me launch Seventh Suite in 2017.

Since then, I've given myself permission to wake up and lead as Managing Partner and Lead Strategist of something we created.

Seventh Suite develops strategic plans for creatives and digital brands; for socially conscious organizations, influencers and events that make a deep impact in real life. My clients include Brittany Packnett and Jovian Zayne's annual Day of Purpose Summit.

In tandem with my entrepreneurial career I lead as an intrepreneur.

For the past six years, I've been part of the Teach For America family.

I'm currently in service as a national senior leader on our Public Partnerships team. Intrapreneurship is a real thing and it's important to me. The Harvard Business Review discusses what it means, here.

 I make change from the inside out and back around again. You probably do, too. 

I love my work and feel privileged to lead a life that allows me to channel my passions into a meaningful life for myself and others. This whole bio, my whole resume, was once unimaginable for a girl from Harlem. 

I'm learning how to celebrate my Cardi years.

I’ve dedicated my career to bringing voices together who have the mindsets and means to obliterate social inequity in this generation. 

I live colorfully. I lead fearlessly. I love intentionally.