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Women's March NYC - Daring Discussions:
Black Women Are The Architects of Our Movement

Every day I get to come to work and focus specifically on the experience of Black people and the world around us. It is not lost on me how great of a blessing that is. As a Black woman, I also realize how deeply connected this is to the story narrative that has always been true for us. Save everyone else, first. Women's March - NYC was gracious enough to include me as part of their inaugural Daring Discussions conversation to kick off Women's History month. The event made room for tough questions, complex answers and a path forward. 

March 2018


February 2018

New Haven Independent:
Firing Turns Up-And-Comer Into "Intrapreneur"

“[That time] could have been traumatizing, but instead it was so healing,” she said. “I had rid myself of everything that didn’t serve me. By the time I [was] starting working again, not only was I gainfully employed, I was ironically back at Teach for America –  a space that I had known I could be an ‘intrapreneur’ in and do work that was connected to my passions.”


Strivers Row:
Striver: Duanecia Evans

Strivers’ Row celebrates doers - those among us who are pursuing their passions, putting their talents to use and in turn, establishing new standards.

September 2017


Emmelie De La Cruz:
Personal Brands We Love: Duanecia Evans

With a strong commitment to educational equity, social responsibility and community development, Duanecia continuously thrives to extend the lessons of her own life experiences through mentorship, workshops and extending her voice through social media.

March 2015


Connecticut Post:
Bridgeport School Board Hears Both Sides On Holiday Change

The Board of Education’s snap decision to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day got its first public airing Monday, with the board getting an earful from people on both sides of the issue…

But others, including Duanecia Evans, said she fully supported the change.“Our children don’t deserve to be lied to about what the day is,” Evans said. “Columbus did not discover America. Our children deserve the truth.”

October 2015


University of Bridgeport:
"Faces from the Class of 2012: Duanecia Evans"

"Elegant, driven, and highly organized, 22-year-old Duanecia Evans has been a ubiquitous force on campus. She’s served as president of more than a handful of organizations, including the SGA, launched programs to improve student life, volunteered with students in the city of Bridgeport, and worked in the University’s Admissions, Special Events, and Alumni Relations offices. But Evans, who graduated on May 5 with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, admits there was a time when she didn’t feel like a leader. “I loved coming to UB, but it was a scary thing,” she says. “I’m a first generation college student. Nobody in my home had ever been.” She was raised in Harlem by her young single mother and grandmother. Both women bolstered Evans with love and encouragement." (pg.12,13)